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Product Watch: Bodymedia (Jawbone?) Core 2

If you looking into Bodymedia products you’re probably wondering about the Core 2. Do you need it? is it better than what’s already out there? When does it come out? These are all very valid questions. Here I’m going to break down what we know and hopefully shed some light on whether or not you should get this hotly anticipated device.

What does it look like?

OK the first thing anyone wants to know is what it looks like. The gripes I hear about why people choose the original core over the LINK is that the core is smaller (even though with no bluetooth capability you miss some functionality). Personally I never thought the LINK was all that big, I could still hide it under my short sleeves but admittedly I have one major flaw in my thinking…I’m not a woman. As shocking as this revelation may seem I quickly realized that my priorities do not line up with many users that prefer the core. They want something they can hide because A) for some reason losing weight or fitness in general is either to embarrassing for some people or B) it’s to bothersome to explain or even C) it just doesn’t go with what they are wearing that day. Now I’m sure there are other reasons but for the most part thats what I’ve seen over the years.

With all that said the new Core 2 is 40% smaller than the current core, which is already pretty tiny. I plan on revisiting this topic when the core 2 is released so I could show it’s scale compared to the Link which will seem like a monster truck compared to it’s baby brother.

Core 2 Accessories

This time we’ll be up-sold with accessories (don’t worry, you will probably want these). The core 2 will feature changeable skins like it’s predecessors but with a twist, they’ll be made of hard plastic. So technically it’s better to call them faceplates. Fashion isn’t the only thing getting an upgrade this generation. We’ll also see a Heart Rate Monitor specifically for the core 2 (although it may just be Bodymedia in general). Bodymedia has supported HRM import for a while but this is the first time we’ll see one specifically for their products. It’s unknown what the price of this will be as I’m assuming they will sell it separately. Also there will be a jewel-like armband (not wrist band like they say in the video) that is suppose to give the Core 2 the appearance of a piece of jewelry instead of something you’d want to hide.

Bodymedia Core 2

Ok, but what can it do?

Normally here is wear I’d geek out, but really the “magic” is in the cloud software and not the hardware. The core 2 is really just a very small LINK with 2 main differences 1) it uses Blue-tooth 4.0 LE and 2) it’s waterproof. The waterproofing speaks for itself. I’ve personally wanted this feature (although summer will be all but a fleeting memory by the time the core 2 makes it’s appearance). No more will we have to run out of our bathrooms because we forgot to take off the band before taking a shower (which I’ve done more times than I could count, btw my LINK has never messed up on me). Bluetooth may not be something a lot of you care about but you should, new devices compatible with bluetooth 4.0 use way less power than previous devices. Less power usage means less battery drain. Also Bluetooth 4.0 brings different profiles for health devices like the core 2. I am unaware if the core 2 will be making use of it (which would be much grater compatibility for bluetooth 4.0 devices) but it would be a nice thing to see.

What about Jawbone?

Jawbone purchased Bodymedia sometime in April and the Core 2 was introduced in January (and I’ve known about it since late 2012) which means this will probably be the last big release from Bodymedia as we know it. The next device will probably hold a jawbone name. That isn’t to say jawbone won’t have their name somewhere on this product but from what I can gleam from Bodymedia it seems that this will be a very “hands off” for jawbone.

Pricing and speculation

At the time of the announcement it was said that the Core 2 will be priced comparable to the current models this for a lot of people means between $119 (core) and $149 (LINK) I doubt they will sell it at the price of the original core so I’m thinking $149 will be the starting price, or at least in the ball park. The release date is a bit fuzzy. Originally it was said “August” then “September” now it’s simply “Fall”. The production on the device, however is clearly underway since Bodymedia has already posted images of the Ad shoot in their Facebook page.

Core 2 photo shoot

So in short if you’re Bodymedia device is showing some age, it won’t be longer now. If you have a core especially, I’d suggest upgrading to the core 2 (unless of course you just got it) and for LINK users you might want to hold off till my review. Unless the waterproof or size is a big sticking point you may not need to upgrade just yet. If the core 2 utilizes it’s low energy “super-powers” and uploads automatically regularly to the Bodymedia site I’d say go for it but till then it’s a wait and see game.

What are you looking forward to the most for the new Core 2? Leave a comment below!!

[Update]:  Bodymedia customer service mentioned that the Core 2 will be water resistant much like the current models instead of water proof. This goes against my earlier research but hey what do I know ^_^

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